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Power, water or internet

If you are planning to have electricity, internet or even a water supply to your building it’s worth planning for this early on in your build when you are preparing your base.

The simplest solution is to dig a trench between your home and your garden room, the width only needs to be sufficient to lay any pipes or cables however the depth need to be at least 50cm for your armoured electricity supply, and you may want to lay your water supply up to 75cm deep to avoid freezing.

Apex are happy to do this work as part of your project, and any work that requires certification will be carried out by a fully qualified professional.

Electrical installation

We use qualified engineers for all our electrical installations.

When considering powering your shed or garden building you need to think about what are you are planning to use it for and what electrical equipment you are going to use:

  • Lighting
  • plug sockets
  • External sockets for garden equipment or lighting
  • Underfloor heating
  • Hot tubs
  • Alarm systems

Also do you plan to line your building? if not you will need conduit or trunking to secure your wiring to the inside of your building.

We are happy to provide advice on any aspects of powering your garden building.


Whether you want to use your garden building as a home office, a place to relax, play computer games or read your ebook you’ll need access to your home internet connection.

Depending on where your home internet connection is you might be able to access wireless internet from your garden building, although it’s worth thinking about the following:

  • Some types of insulation can effect your wireless signal, particularly the types that use a metallic surface.
  • You might consider using mains networking, which provides an internet connection through your mains sockets. This option obviously depends on whether you plan to have electricity installed in your garden building. Whilst we have had success with this option it is not a guaranteed solution as outside buildings are often wired with their own consumer unit.
  • A wired connection has been the most effective solution in our experience, and if you are planning to connect your home office to your home’s mains supply it makes sense to include a cable for connecting your home broadband connection at the same time.

Water supply

There are many reasons why a water supply might be useful in your garden building whether to water your plants, wash your hands or even make a cup of tea.

The main concerns in running a water supply from your home to your timber building, is freezing and contamination, both can easily be avoided by making sure your pipe work is suitable for purpose. If you run your pipework under ground you should look to be about 75cm below ground level which will reduce the risk of freezing and give yourself adequate depth to add some back fill whilst maintaining the 50cm depth required for armoured electrical cable.

If you have any questions regarding any of the subjects covered on this page please call us on 01642 612016 for further details.

Depending on the type of building you have chosen, you might want to consider installing insulation and or lining.
Protecting your building is the secret to a long life for anything constructed of wood.
All our buildings require a solid level base, to ensure that your finished building is both properly supported and elevated to provide the protection from the weather
Adding gutters to your building to control where your water goes or even just to store it up for use when watering your garden.

Call 01642 612016 to get a quote

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Kim Wright
Kim Wright
15. August, 2022.
We cannot recommend Apex enough! Steve was very helpful, he understood straight away what we wanted & designed a lean too for storage purposes together with a gate to access rear garden that more than met our expectations. Very pleased with the install and the team - who were all polite, tidy workers. If you are considering a build then look no further!
Susan Wilkin
Susan Wilkin
20. July, 2022.
We are delighted with our beautiful corner summer house. The workmanship is excellent and nothing was too much trouble for Steve's very polite and hard working team. Great care was taken when erecting the structure so as to avoid damage to herbaceous border. First class service and would highly recommend.
Peter Boydell
Peter Boydell
18. January, 2022.
These guys do a really good job at building their summer houses. We had ours in the summer after a long wait due to the popularity of these buildings during the shutdown. However the pre and post Customer Service is shocking. Before the build we seemed to be chasing them for information and now, post build, we have a window that needs changing. Two months ago they said it would be changed but I have heard nothing since their first e mail declaring this and I have sent 2 e mails since asking for an update. No use phoning as they do not answer. Its only a small window but why should I have the hassle and cost 3 months into the lifetime of the building? One month later and they turned up and did it. Think they were short staffed on the admin side a d that has been sorted. It does look great in the garden
Mike Onfreeserve
Mike Onfreeserve
3. September, 2021.
We have a summerhouse from Apex and it is superb. We had a hand in the design, inasmuch as the height was increased for us because we are tall and we had the windows to fit our blinds and a couple of extra landscape windows included. We opted for insulation and boarding out and it is pretty toasty. My plan was to put in a log burning stove and we had a hole cut for the flue. It was erected quickly and tidily. I was left to sort out my wiring and sockets and the guys came back to put the insulation in and then fully board the walls and ceiling. Add WiFi and a telly and it is a very nice relaxing space. We thoroughly recommend the company. They are attentive and very skilled at what they do. I echo one of the other comments which is that they make some of the best timber buildings you will see. We are delighted. Kris and Mike, New Marske
Alan Moss
Alan Moss
1. October, 2020.
Knowledgeable and helpful.
David Stinton
David Stinton
30. July, 2020.
We wanted a bespoke shed/blacksmiths workshop and that is what we got. We love our workshop, it did have a small problem which was quickly solved and now we are enjoying it. THANK YOU!