Guttering & water butts

Your new timber building will help you enjoy your garden regardless of the British weather, but when it's raining where will all the water go?

All our buildings have roof designs with sufficient overlap to direct rainwater away from your building, but you may want to add gutters to your building to control where your water goes or even just to store it up for use when watering your garden.

Depending on the type of roof you choose you may need guttering all round your building or just to a single side. A pent roof systems sloping to the back of your building would allow gutters to be concealed at the rear of your building, with plenty of room to accommodate water butts.

Most of us pay for our water on a meter so it makes sense to harvest any 'free' water available to use on our gardens. If this option is something you would like for your building, please mention it when you talk to us and we can discuss your options.