Corner Summerhouse

Your summerhouses offers a place for you to enjoy your garden regardless of the British weather, escape the hustle and bustle of the household, enjoy a good book, a glass of wine or maybe both. Apex Timber Buildings, what would you do in yours?

Why buy your summerhouse from Apex Timber Buildings?

  • All our summerhouses are hand built to your exact specifications.
  • You can choose the specifications you want, for your building.
  • We build your summerhouse off site in sections then deliver it to your site where we assemble it, reducing any inconvenience to you.
  • We can help you as much or as little as you want. You can lay your own base in preparation for your summerhouse or install the internal fittings yourself, alternatively just tell us what you want and let us do it all. See our <ahref="">options to get some ideas of what you would like to do with your summerhouse.

Our summerhouses are not mass produced!

So what does this mean when comparing our buildings to other mass produced summerhouses.
Well for a start you don't need to find a building to fit your garden, we build our garden rooms to your measurements. It also means we hand select each piece of wood as we build your summerhouse so if we come across a badly warped or knotted piece of wood we don't use it.

Built to last

The one thing we can say with confidence about our Summerhouses is they are strong, all our buildings feature a timber stud wall frame construction using either 50x38mm or 75x50mm PSE timber. Joists are set equally on all walls ensuring they don't exceed 600mm centres for greater strength.

Standard features

  • 38kg roofing felt
  • 50 x 38mm timber frame construction
  • Fixed window
  • Finish Stained


  • 75 x 50mm┬átimber frame construction
  • 40kg polyester felt
  • Internal partition with or without door
  • Georgian frames
  • Additional windows
  • Toughened glass
  • Lining & Insulation Insulation
  • 6mm ply finish
  • T&G board & skirting
  • Electric Pack
  • Painted w/nails filled
  • Floor bearers